Who Stands To Gain, And At Who’s Expense?

When I used to work for surveyors and engineers, I would always check yes on any ballot involving capital improvements, because that was my bread and butter. So, it doesn’t surprise me when someone who makes their living doing this or that supports something. I figure it’s for the same self-interest reasoning, at least in part. Nothing wrong with that, heck, if I see an opportunity for myself, there’s nothing wrong with taking it. If I’m just looking at it from the perspective of someone who is likely to be impacted, well, it’s a different lens; if I stand nothing to gain, and possible inconvenience to myself, well, I might be more skeptical of a proposal, especially knowing that the people pushing it stand to gain something from it, possibly at my expense.

There’s a lot more I’ve thought about this, with specifics, but I think I’ve alienated enough people this past month on social media, and I’ve got other things on my mind, so I’ll just leave it at that.


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