Admitting Bias, Internet Mobs, And Foot In Mouth Disease

I try to see most sides of things, while admitting up front my viewpoints, or biases. There are a range of topics that this applies to on any given day. But before I get into this, let me add some background.

I have heard in passing through social media sites about some law being passed somewhere, and some internet social media mob forcing a pizza place to close its doors. Again, with the social media mobs. Another day, another social justice injustice. It really is just amazing at the destruction to other people’s lives these social media mobs can cause for no other reason, than they didn’t like the response to a hypothetical question posed by a TV reporter, (why are professional news reporters so often at the center of these kinds of “stories”?). The answer was along the lines of “I’d prefer not to cater to a homosexual themed pizza party” or something. There was no actual party, it was a hypothetical survey question, and for honestly speaking their mind, they were forced to close up shop.

So, that’s where the world is, these days. And people question why I tried for so long to maintain some sense of privacy, regarding my CB handle/pseudonym/name that most people know me by, mostly on the internet, but increasingly in real life, as well. Sheesh. I just like to speak  my mind freely; I’ve often regretted what I’ve wrote, and sometimes been quite wrong about some things I’ve written about. That is a punishable sin, in today’s mob mentality culture.

I’ve never been a very gossipy person in real life, and I’m actually pretty reserved about my thoughts in real life. I don’t have a lot of inside jokes with friends.  So, to see that my online “digital footprint” is something I have to be aware of; I often offend people, just by asking too many questions about something I don’t yet quite comprehend. Crazy, huh?

Now, back to the original thought. I guess I’ve worked on a lot of different sides of things. I’ve worked for environmental companies, I’ve worked for developers and engineers. It’s part of my self-identity as a sort of mongrel, I guess. I’m trying to find the grey in between the black and white of polar extremes, somewhat. As I said, I generally try to admit my bias up front, but that doesn’t mean my mind is made up; usually quite the opposite. I admit where I’m coming from first, and then try to gather information. This seems to be a little bit like first putting my foot in my mouth before I get started. So, maybe I should learn to be a little better listener; but I will say that publicly embarrassing myself does seem to make me learn the lessons a little more deeply.

I thought I might write more specifically some of the things that have been on my mind, but I guess, maybe another day. I just figured I’d say that much, as I do seem to need to work on not closing myself off from opportunities by alienating people.

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