Immigration, Or, This The Economy Our Governors Have Decided On

This isn’t a Republican vs Democrat issue, at its core. Both sides cater to the hispanic vote.

So, here I am. Working and bonding with people who could be deported at any time, by the stroke of a pen. This is the economy the rich people around here decided works for them: A subservient servant class dependent on their good graces.

So, that’s where we are, as a nation. We are loathe to break up a family. So, people come here and start families. And pretty soon, our schools are full of the children of parents who don’t speak much English and aren’t much help with the homework. Meanwhile, the parents are frustrated that they can’t get ahead in an economy that favours people with proper credentials, but is more than willing to make room for people willing to work for less.

I’m just playing the game laid out before me. I don’t have all that many rich people options. In fact, the older I get, the more my options seem to be dwindling. This is the place where some of you sell real estate: dog tracks and barrios that are soon to be displaced by the ever-growing need for higher tax base real estate. We’ve got to improve the town’s image, and the way to do that is pour taxpayer money into development, so we can make money, and chase these low rent motherfuckers to the outskirts of town. Not so far that they can’t service our clients, but far enough out so we can improve our real estate values.


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