A Short Morning Hike



Neat things to see. I’ve hiked this trail before, but I felt like I had to do something before going into work.

I guess everybody interprets things differently, but that picture under the bridge was a little bit of sensory overload for me. on top of the morning traffic, the ground was so covered in tracks, that I just didn’t even want to proceed. It was just too much information to process. I know, a walk in nature is supposed to be calming, but coming on that, I wouldn’t exactly call it panic, or even anxiety; it was just too much information to process. I’d like to try to explain it more fully some day. I don’t know if I ever will be able to. Later at work, I was back to being startled by sudden noises and such. It’d been around 81 1/2 hours since I’d had a beer or any alcohol, so, I’m thinking I can probably rule that out as the source of whatever, however you would describe that state of mind I get in sometimes.

update: This, I had no trouble processing. There is a big paw print from a dog here.


Breaking Away From Inherent Personality Trait Thinking

I read a little about personality tests with interest a few weeks ago. I think it helped me understand some things, both ¬†about myself and others. What I started wondering, is to what degree these things are moldable. Some traits are said to just be inherent, but I also believe people are capable of changing themselves in elemental ways, through some effort. So, for instance, I’ve never been a good planner. Whether this is some ‘spontaniety’ trait inherent to me, or just laziness, I don’t know. But I wonder if through some effort on my part, if I might become better at it.