I’m Sorry, I Just Can’t Follow You There

from facebook:

I guess I am never going to be socially adjusted, if that means not finding it a little strange that adults are talking about transgender children. A 7 year old transgender girl? I just think that is a strange way to refer to a child. But, if that’s the new normal, I guess I’d better just find a rock to crawl under.


We Reserve The Right, To Say Whatever In The Hell We Want To Say, About Who We Do Business With

I had dinner with family last night, and we did a little elevator pitch type of thing, where we all have 30 seconds to stand up and say something about ourselves. It was kind of fun, you might enjoy it. One of our guests was a doctor, who mentioned, with a hint of pride, “I serve the Hispanic community”. There is nothing wrong with that, I think, but you would never hear someone say something like “I serve the White community”. I just point that out, because it points to the different worlds we all live together in, and that maybe there is a sense of alienation going on with people who can’t speak with a hint of pride about their own people because of political correctness. There does seem to be something wrong with that, I think.

There was a recent story about a tattoo artist who refused to give an otherwise uninked lady a bold neck tattoo. He was clear to point out that he refused men as well as women, which is maybe a way of protecting himself, and I’m hesitant to call it a cop-out, because, I think people should be free to refuse their business to anyone they want to, regardless of the reason. Now, this is obviously not going to sound politically correct, because, “I won’t serve you gay cakes because your gay” is different than saying “I will make you a cake, but I won’t make you a gay wedding cake”.

The issue to me is that people are being persecuted for not having the right reason for refusing service. Sensitivity training? Do customers have to take sensitivity training? No. They have money to spend. If someone refuses to transact business with someone else, it really isn’t my business why. The problem with all of the minority movements making┬áthe government insist on you doing business with someone you’d rather not do business with, is, well, what business is it of theirs? Obviously, we’ve had to come a long way to get away from whites only drinking fountains, but as I’ve said before, we now have a black rap culture that uses words that are forbidden for anybody else to use, without severe consequence. I’m just against that kind of shit.

Part of my reluctance to embrace all of these other movements, (and really, the woman’s movement was probably first, historically speaking), is that we have enough taboos to keep track of already. These things aren’t bringing about an egalitarian society, they’re creating little pockets of power within individual tribes that are being abused against less powerful tribes.

I’ve had enough of this shit. I want liberty to say whatever in the fuck I want to say about anyone else, just like they have to say about me.

Natural Law, Crimes Against Nature

I just was looking up words, when I realised, nope, that definition of that word doesn’t fit anymore. Well, how about this phrase? Nope, that word has just had its definition changed, also.

I don’t think people understand, or maybe they do, the enormity of what has just changed with this recent ruling.

Natural Law comes up now and then when I read about law, and since there is a reference to “Natural” Born in regards to types of citizens, it seems like it’s a relevant term to get familiar with.

There’s a term, “crimes against nature”, well….