Link Dump: Possibly Useful Psychobabble On Self, Shame, and Stuff

Self Analysis stuff can be exhausting. There is just so much written by people of so many levels of expertise. However, learning to conceptualize the self in new ways seems like it might be helpful, which would probably be why there is so much interest in it.

So here’s some links I have open, before I got overwhelmed by the amount of reading. Some of this looks okay, some pretty good, some really good, and some are just links that surprised me when I did a google search.

Thinking of the core self, surrounded by a layer of shame, surrounded by a layer of personality traits was an interesting concept. I notice from the few times I went to that church lately, they talk about shame a lot. There’s apparently a lot to the subject, and hopefully I held on to the link I found that dealt with it in surprising depth.

Okay, here’s a really clinical look at shame and identity and so on.

The level of detail this questionaire goes into would be hard for me to honestly fill out, I think, but it really drills down into talking openly and honestly about the things going on in your life. For the brave. (the questionaire is sort of toward the middle to the end of this.

This is about learning self-promotion; I can definitely relate to the few sentences I read so far.

random reading list.


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