There’s No Need To Complicate Matters.

If someone commits mass murder, is tried and found guilty, that should be the end of it. I generally feel like that person should pay with their life. But whatever sentence you feel is just, the judgement should be swift, for the message to be clear to the next idiot who thinks about trying something like that.

The only ones who benefit from “hate crime” laws are showboating race hucksters, and all they do is convolute the important business of seeing justice done. The designation of a crime as a hate crime just muddles up the works.


I just flipped through a couple of morning talk news shows on the tv, and concluded that the people who spend their lives working in racism are going to try to indict as many other people as they can and pin it all on this. To me, that seems wrong, but there it is. Everything from guns to the confederate flag are being blamed.

The senselessness of this is still sinking in. I have to admit to becoming calloused to news like this, because of the predictability of those who will use the media to advance an agenda. It used to be subtle, but there is no shame any more.

I still haven’t really allowed myself to feel much about this, other than to briefly look at a short write up on who the victims were; but even that felt too voyeuristic, and made me feel a little guilty for having read it, especially seeing all of the related headlines, and just how the media covers things.

** second update.


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