Can You Claim Him As Your Own?

I’d planned on expanding on this, but for now all’s I have is the facebook post I put up. Basically what I’d planned to add, is my favourite whipping child, identity politics… Since attaching your agenda to high profile crimes is just how we do things, apparently now a days. This guy wanted to become famous for a discussion on race, and the media jumped up and down to give him just what he wanted. What I’m going to say is this: Identity politics is what makes these kind of blows up more likely. So, there you go. I blame identity politics. Now on to the part that was supposed to come before that conclusion:

I sort of dismissed her article, as “oh, another phD in women’s studies, okay, then.” But I read the article, and after thinking about it for a while, thought, you know what? What she’s saying isn’t too far from what I’ve been saying all along. Nobody wants to be associated with some psycho killer that snaps and goes off on a murderous rampage. But that woman’s phD lady has a point. Until we all can claim him as one of our own, nothing is going to get better. This is who we are. We have to do better, every one of us, because this is the kind of divisions that are being fertilized in our midst.


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