Why Did The Media Focus On The Negative? Because It Found Something To Destroy

I kind of marveled at what looks to me like what just happened in the media with the Battle Flag and South Carolina, just in how effective they were able to capitalize on a tragedy that had a positive aspect, how the families had forgiven, and the community came together. But then it quickly became about the murdering psychopath posing with a Battle Flag. The media found its laser like focus on something it could destroy: Anyone who expressed an affinity for the flag obviously are just like the psychopathic murderer, is the message that is at the root of the media campaign.

It’s the kind of thing that makes me believe there must be a devil, because how could people hatch such evil designs?

God bless the people who covered the story about the families and the positive message that seems to have only been mentioned in passing.

In other news, the news media is a propaganda machine that will destroy anyone who speaks contrary to the narrative they are pushing. Unfortunately, they are apparently very successful at silencing dissent. Unless you are a person of very comfortable means, it’s just not a good idea to express any non-conforming opinions with  the new politics. These people will not stop until they have pushed dissenters into financial ruin. It is really surprising to see just how serious they will press it.


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