The Activists Are Coming

I think there were a number of other ways they could’ve gone about things that would’ve been less invasive, but it became a cause that was going to find a way, by hook or crook. It’s how they got here that I’ve objected to more than anything else, but what I object to is now something I have to take much more care about verbalising. Because, well, after all of the feel good glow wears off, here come the activists. This isn’t something that is now settled. This is something that is going to require the rewriting of a whole host of existing laws. Personally, I would rather they have given up traditional marriage than to made it an even more complicated affair than it already is. I have some sympathies for traditional church, but I have some issues with them, too. The whole tax system is a mess, and every precedent that gets set by something I can tolerate today also opens up the likelihood that it will be exploited by something I find less tolerable, and worse, who will not tolerate me. We’ve already seen the Newspaper that quickly proclaimed “We will no longer be accepting opinions or letters to the editors expressing opposition…” The censorship has been going on for a while, but now it appears to have a legal force behind it. It is now okay to discriminate against people with opposing views.

So, as our country spirals $18 trillion in debt, our resources are now going to be devoted to keeping lawyers employed rewriting our laws. The activists will continue to go after institutions to deprive them of preserving their traditions. The people who hate us very much now have one more thing to show their young men as a recruitment tool. They will be here on our shores soon enough. Indeed, they are already here, Fort Hood wasn’t that long ago. Will we be too distracted discussing our gender studies to put up much resistance? We’re about to find out, I suspect, but I’m not the best person to predict just *how* this is all going to play out, but I’ve long felt that this was going to create problems on a scale much larger than the problems of estate law, which is what I mostly saw it as.

I’m not using certain words, to be specific, and that will have to be the new norm. The words to describe things can now be used as weapons against one another by anyone who disagrees with another.


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