You Might Find This Hard To Believe

but I am happy for you.

I hope his love for you
And the thrill of his touch
Excites you
Brings the colour back to your cheeks

I know I was protective
Overly, probably
But I never wanted to be possessive

I just knew
That you weren’t happy
With where you were at
And that you needed a change

I hope it is all good for you
That’s all I ever wanted

My Old Bike Lock

My bicycle lock finally seized up on me yesterday. I haven’t been able to figure out exactly how long I’ve had it. At least since I was 14, when I found it out in the woods where I used to spend all of my time. But it had gone missing before that. Until now, I never really thought about how it came to be out there lying in the mud and the leaves. I know it seemed like it had been gone missing for a long time, when I reached down and picked it up, spun the dials and rejoiced when it opened right up.

I Don’t Want To Write About Planned Parenthood’s Organ Harvesting Business

This is obviously written in a style that fair-minded people will recognise as being, I’m not sure the word ‘biased’ covers it, but the author is writing in a style to elicit emotional response, to say the least. It’s an ethical question at the heart of it, and to me, anyway, it’s a question of logical conclusions. Once you devalue life, once you start down the organ harvesting for science and profit path, it’s a question that needs to be looked at.

Matt Walsh writes more eloquently than I do on the subject.


Book Description
This classic book examines the role of leading scholars, philosophers, historians, and scientists-in Hitler’s rise to power and eventual war of extermination against the Jews.

Before we come to class and Range the Sciences, ’tis proper we should sift the merits of Knowledge, or clear it of the Disgrace brought upon it by Ignorance, wether disguised as (1.) the Zeal of the Divines, (2.) the Arrogance of Politicians, or (3.) the Errors of Men of Letters.
-Sir Francis Bacon, “Advancement of Learning”, 1605 (Father of the Scientific Method)