Holiday Stress

I don’t know what I can really say about it. I don’t feel like sharing the stuff going on in my family and friends’ lives that affects me. But I need an outlet to vent all of my frustrations and stress. So, when I can I use music to escape. But sometimes I don’t feel like I can escape there. Back when I was more anonymous, I would just write freely about what was going on in my life with a close circle of internet friends on a closed group forum, and so on, and so on. But those days, for now, anyway aren’t part of my life. Everything I post online is tied in some way to people I know in real life, and that’s just one more way to create drama, instead of venting and just letting it all out, and feeling better about things for having shared what was on my mind with other humans.

So, I’ll just have to settle for vague posts about not much, I guess, as a way to just mark the time until the holidays are over.


People’s Thoughts On Long Lost Loves

WordPress informs me that this is my 8 year anniversary of blogging on this platform. I never really had an intended purpose that I can identify for starting to scribble my thoughts down here, so this is just as random as any other browser tabs I might have open at any given moment.