Swimming Pools And Chlorine

I got blasted in the face when I uncapped a ┬áleaking pool filter component that contained a chlorine tablet. It escaped quickly, and besides the awful smell, irritated my nose, eyes, and throat for the rest of the day. So I figured I’d look up a little something about it. I put the cap back on, and took it back off a few minutes later, and didn’t notice the sudden rush of noxious odor that I did the first time. No idea what caused it, but I didn’t like it.



Rachel, The Anesthesioligist

This is just me playing a guitar that was probably given to me by a real estate agent trying to clean out a closet to sell a home. But it was a couple a years ago, after hearing some Tommy Emmanuel live, and I was trying to learn to incorporate percussion into my guitar playing. None of that matters much. This is just a song about a professional woman who was always nice to me, and I always admired her. I just happened to be bopping around with the guitar at the time I was blessed to know her. She always tried to teach what she knew, and I always felt blessed to know her. I was pretty sad when she went her way, I’m not going to lie about that. But I always felt lucky as hell to have crossed paths with her.



Movies With Monocultural Casts

I vaguely heard something about diversity in movies recently, and while I don’t pay too much attention to that sort of thiing, (I have diversity burnout, I guess you could say), I did watch a couple of movies that had very few white people in them, so chalk that up to points for me in celebrating diversity(?).

The first was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which I enjoyed. I used to watch Kung Fu movies as a kid, and realised that one reason I might like these movies is that they have an honest to goodness plot about the struggle between good and evil, and usually the good guy(s) win. I also liked that the movie was subtitled, forcing the viewer to read, which I think studies have shown is why reading books engages the brain in ways that just watching and listening a movie doesn’t.

The second was Crossing Over, a movie based out of my hometown of Detroit, and I was first engaged by the references to places I remember from my youth. The story also had a plot and character development, and was easy to follow along.

I liked both movies, and did not feel offended that the casts were not diverse. They both told entertaining stories with positive messages, I thought.