What Do I Know About The EU?

Next to nothing. So, here’s a couple links to look at.


An EU primer: the European Union, its predecessors, and other Euro communities








The 70s and Cultural Attitudes In The Mideast

I was browsing pictures of Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan from the 50s through the 70s today. Most of the pictures focused on things like the westernization of those regions. Women wearing “street fashion”, girls attending schools for the first time. I was too young to understand it in the 70s, but there apparently was a cultural revolution going on, at the time. That all changed around 1979. Iran went radical islam, saddaam hussein took over Iraq. Afghanistan got invaded by the USSR.

Midyear Update: 2016, So Far

A lot has been going on this year, but not a whole lot of writing about it.

I finally was able to attend a Collier County Honour Flight last Saturday, the first one that landed in Collier County that I’m aware of, and at a relatively earlier hour than previous ones up in Lee County, so that’s something I had been meaning to attend for several years. It was a special event, with lots of smiles and cheers, and so I’m glad to have finally had a chance to witness it.

As I’m sure all are aware, there was a nightclub shooting in Orlando. I’ve been trying to not chime in, as there doesn’t seem to be anything new to add. Get out to donate blood, I guess. As the famous Mr. Rogers quote goes: Look for the helpers. If you can’t find any, try to be one. I haven’t really considered any of the attention seeking talking heads to fall into that category, so I’ve largely silently ignored them. I wish I could find the quote I read from some guy from the 1700s. My feeling is that people are emotionally vulnerable in the face of tragedy, and many try to take advantage of their state of shock.

Last January, I made up my mind to attempt to obtain a real estate license, and registered for a course. I don’t feel like going into a month by month playback about why it took until June for me to finally be prepared and ready to take the test, but I finally did, and passed it. I haven’t really thought past just passing the test, so we’ll see what’s next on that front.

I finally parted ways with an outfit I’d been working for for over three and a half years. I was grateful for the work for about three years of that, but I gradually began to resent the lack of any kind of financial incentive to continue with the relationship.

Hot, humid days in southwest Florida.