On The Subject Of The Electorate

First off, I should apologize for whatever name I called hillary voters in my last post, I think it was imbeciles. I know a lot of people who probably voted for her, and they’re probably not imbeciles. So, I apologise.

For 8 years we’ve had a president who specifically stated that he wanted to punish part of the electorate, (is that the right word? I’ll look it up later), and then after he was done with all of his dirty work of dividing the country, and justifying in people’s minds the violence against others, the democrats go and put up another candidate who openly states she intends to harm the well being of ordinary working people.

The people who voted for her might not have been imbeciles, but that was not a very smart thing to do.

So, yes, there is a huge collective sigh of relief that there is an opportunity to fix the things that the people have been subjected to by the lawlessness of the current administration. And I don’t mean to get all screaming mad at the people who supported that agenda, but I hope you can understand that a lot of people felt they were being treated as subjects, and not citizens. It has been an incredibly frustrating 8 years, and while the sense of relief is a good feeling, it is not as good to reflect back on the anger. It may be that it is the anger that has been directed at us, and just a natural reaction to redirect it back toward the source.

Hope Donald Trump turns out to be a good president. I think he will. God bless America. Amen.


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