test: Fake News site

About the most charitable thing I can write about the obama’s 8 years in office, is that it seems like it was basically a muslim outreach/muslim integration program.

I mostly tried to avoid politics up until the election, because, well, how the hell do you plan for a future if that woman had got in office. She seemed like a very terrible choice for the democrats, and I hope they decide to hit walmart up and go pick up a soul so they can do some soul searching about how hard they pushed their agenda.On people who very vocally and fiercely opposed it, on the one hand. But I’m not unaware that there are a lot of people at different places in their lives who were pushing for it.

I’ve spent about a week on twitter for the first time in a while. twitter, to me, is where this whole degradation in public discourse has taken place for the last eight years. Social media was where you went to organise your overthrow of governments during arab spring, mock those who opposed you, and so on. Social media is mob rule. Whoever owns the media space dictates the rules, and if you lose your account due to some activist, well, you lose your voice. It really does seem like social media’s wild popularity that kept the lowest of the low in your face is where it all starts to break down. I don’t guess I want to go into it tonight. I guess I’m glad I caught up on the things that everybody else has had enough of for the last couple years while I have been away from that site.

I think that the tech sites have figured out that what worked for their preferred candidate and party for eight years worked against them this time, and so everybody is scrambling to censor “fake news”. Basically compliance is “conform or die” on social media. It has worked well for them. It’s mob rule.


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