Glenn Beck’s Geese

All other things aside, there is one thing I’d like to comment on, in regards to Glenn Beck’s recent Restoring Honour get together at the nation’s capitol.

As the event formally began, a flight of geese flew over the reflecting pool, an event caught on video, to which Mr. Beck attributed a divine inspiration.

I’ve heard it said that being in love is a mental state of mind, some might say illness, where the person so affected is enraptured that they are not, quite right in the head, if you will.

I once held religious convictions, and definitely have been in the state of mind we might call being in love. But I’ve also lived long enough to know that experiencing reality in a somewhat altered consciousness is a personal experience, that, while it may be shared by some, does not alter the reality itself, for others who might experience the same event in a less starry-eyed frame of mind.

I like a lot of what Glenn Beck has done, I like a lot of his message. I certainly understand his message of ascribing to a value system, a code of conduct. To me, religion is simply a code of conduct. To me, going to church is a practice in community support. While I can’t say whether experiencing ordinary events as deeply spiritual experiences is good or bad, I become leery of people who proclaim them as such.

In conclusion, I see nothing wrong with appreciating the wonder of nature, whether through the lens of spirituality, or just a plain observation of the wonder of life.

2 comments on “Glenn Beck’s Geese

  1. Natures Airforce making a tribute to freedom.

  2. motownmutt says:

    I don’t remember how long ago I posted this, but it has generated a bazillion and a half spam comments since then.

    Congratulations on leaving the first sensible, (and actually kind of a nicely thought out), comment. Thanks for stopping by.

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