Mapping – Real Estate

I’m always looking for mapping solutions. So, here’s one.


Map Stuff, and Android Transfer Stuff

reading for when I have time.

Land Use Studies; Bonita Springs, FL

I don’t have high school age kids, but the proposed high school involves land use studies that I find interesting, so I thought I’d take some notes while waiting this morning.

(This one will link to a download of a pdf. It appears to have useful links embedded),d.eXY

MOTOWN MUTT WAS HERE – A digital mapping exercise.


I wish I’d figured out that if I’d just edited the above link first, I could’ve saved all of the cutting and pasting I was doing. Anyway, first get the coordinates from a site, say this one:


Here’s a few of the ones I created before having the stroke of common sense to make the aforementioned link edit in the original site.
Daily Satellite image: