Seattle’s Suicide Cult

claims another victim.


Talents In A Box

Some people just have easy to affix labels in their set of interpersonal skills. Once they affix a certain label, in their minds, that person gets put away in a box. This person exists inside of this box that I have labeled them with.

I know how this works, because I’ve existed in one of these interpersonal boxes. What broke me out of that kind of thinking is finding out that other people recognised my unique talents and creativity that existed outside of that box I was labeled in.

The Web Is Starting To Suck

as a source of information.

You go to a library, you take out a book. You read it. Simple.

You go to a web page, you decline to sign up for their email newsletter, you click a bunch of other shit, just to get to read the short article that you came to read.

Shaun Morgan on PC

I had spent some time reading articles and browsing the Internet and this overwhelming theme starting becoming very clear. We live in a culture and society that is offended by absolutely everything! There are new terms for everything. New ways to say things so as not to offend anyone. When the f**k did saying Merry Christmas become offensive? Now if you don’t say Happy Holidays you’re being exclusive and racist? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. This poisonous culture has been creeping in for years now and we have this army of self-appointed culture police who leap down anyone’s throat, that doesn’t share their opinion. If you don’t like my opinion then don’t listen to it. Don’t ask for it. We are allowed to disagree about things in society, without needing to be given a derogatory label because we don’t share someone else’s views, politically or otherwise. We have become so intolerant of parts of humanity and far too tolerant of others. There is no harmony or balance. It’s quite disturbing to think that you need to remind yourself not to speak your mind, for fear of triggering some hysterical reaction. We’re a society that walks on eggshells, which will lead to catastrophe as far as I’m concerned.