Read A Book, Before You Twitter

Scott Adams of┬á has been posting about Donald Trump’s use of persuasion techniques, so it gave me the idea to maybe read a book by President Trump, to get a sense of who he is, in his own words. It turns out he’s written or co-authored some 20 books. I’m just about to finish my second. Without going into full book reviews, I would say if you want to get a sense of the man, and what’s important to him, it’s probably not a bad place to start.

I was not on twitter for most of the last year and half, so only recently learned of all of the pre-election alliances that have been made and broken during the election cycle, (Piers Morgan is making sense, now?). I do see that there are people on both sides criticising some aspect or the other about him, and there is just an obnoxious amount of typical social media slander on twitter. But, at least reading his books is giving me a sense of how he sees himself, (he’s really not shy about letting you know). I also tried to stay away from all of the pre-election controversy and dirt digging, so, I think that probably has helped me keep a somewhat more open mind.