Weekend Emphasis Calendar

Let’s start not quite at the beginning, because there’s things in the past I don’t talk about with strangers.

Let’s start with work I did as a stagehand, helping set up events. As a contractor, I find most big things happen on weekends. The weekdays are usually an assortment of unrelated tasks, but weekends are where the magic happens. It didn’t take long doing stage work before I realised weekends were when I was busiest. Shows were set up on Saturdays, and tear downs were on Sundays. I was seldom as consistently busy on weekdays as I was on weekends.

It occurred to me one day, that this was contrary to the way I’d grown up thinking, in the 9-5, M-F world. So, if you will, as practical or not, as it may turn out to be, that’s why the idea of rearranging the calendar to reflect my priorities has been on my mind for a while.

There’s also a psychological reason. Mondays. Not everyone hates ’em, but there’s plenty who do. For reasons I’ve already gone into, Mondays are usually not where my work week starts, more likely it’s either the tear down of a weekend event, or often, the first day off after a busy weekend. Wednesdays, for whatever reason, seem to be my longest days lately. They’re my Monday. The farthest point from the safe shores of weekends gone by and weekends to come. Weekends are where the momentum comes from, Wednesday is the part of the roller coaster ride just before cresting the hill.

So, a final thought. I did not change the way the world works by cutting and pasting a calendar in to a way that suits me. I’m simply changing the way I look at the world. I once had a co-worker advise me to not be eccentric. I thought it was good advice, until I thought about it. What he, (and many others, most likely), considers to be eccentric, is simply the way I am. It wouldn’t make sense to me, to not approach problem solving in my own unique way. I’m not changing the way the world works for anyone else, I’m changing the way I look at it so that it works for me. It’s perspective.

Bonus point: Weekend rentals for tools are usually cheaper.


3 comments on “Weekend Emphasis Calendar

  1. Sameera Daniels says:

    Did you post to the ABC boards?

  2. motownmutt says:

    Hi, Sameera. If I had posted on ABC, it would’ve been under the name motownmutt, not motorcity_mongrel, which I saw as a search term, so assume is how you found this site. Is someone going around saying nasty things using that name?

  3. Sameera Daniels says:

    Yes, sorry in replying so late. I knew someone who had posted under that name motorcity_mongrel. No nothing nasty. But, he, too, was from Detroit. I post under the name Jade_Ramsey to the ABC politics boards. And I apologize for mistaking you. But I like your comments about life as well. Sameera

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